Franks Rat Pack

Reprising songs and performances from the great nightclub acts of the 1950s and 1960s

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Dear Frank,
Again….you and your “Rat Pack “ were phenomenal…..

I would sum it up by saying that your performance stopped our wives, (who really like the ”Cheesecake Factory”), from leaving your show at the “Bistro”, to act on their primal dessert- eating instincts. (Quite an accomplishment.)

We all felt as if we were guests in a night club in a major city… was a wonderful evening out for all of us.

If you can add my email to a list that you may have for other public appearances, I would greatly appreciate it…
— Frank Camp
You brought to life on our stage the timeless appeal of the music and comedy of the famous shows in old Vegas. Your many vocal and comedic impressions were spot on!
— Artistic Director, Blackfriars Theatre
We were at Bistro 135 last Sat. (8/24/13) night for my husband’s 70th birthday. Where are you singing next so we can come and enjoy wonderful singing and beautiful music. Many thanks!
— Carol Ann 8/27/2013
It truly was a spectacular night!!! I have another offer for you.
Frank, I have been in this business for thirty years and you are the best I have ever heard.
— Mary Ann Sears (Director - Chile Senior Center) 8/6/2013
Dear Frank,

Mercie, Ann and I listened to your CD on the way home from watching you perform tonight. We can’t thank you enough for blessing Mercie with the CD along with the outstanding entertainment! This evening filled her heart with joy and pleasant memories.
— Nancy Jaime, Marie (Mercie) DiGiacomo, and Ann Polsinelli (7/16/2013)
All’s I can say is “BRAVO” to you and this group!
 YOU ARE A TREASURE, that I’m sure not many know of (trust me, I’m spreading the word to all I know who are fans of this era’s great music)!
PLEASE, PLEASE keep your “local” calendar dates up to date, because that will be how “the rest of us” can catch your shows.
— Donna Hofstra
Dear Frank’s Rat Pack,

Thank you so much for helping us to celebrate my dad’s 70th birthday on April 9, 2011. You made my dad and all of the other guests smile, laugh, and dance all night. We had such a wonderful time, and you truly made the party a special and unique event. I can’t tell you how many guests commented on how talented you were and how much fun they were having. I am so grateful to you, and will definitely be watching for your future engagements. Just can’t get enough of Frank’s Rat Pack!
— Julie Draggett
What a great concert, why haven’t they been here before?
— Elizabeth
You can tell it was a good concert, no one left
— Dorothy
When can you bring them back? Please try and get them for the Christmas Party.
Thank you all SO much for playing at our wedding! Our guests had such a wonderful time and still raving about how great you guys were.
— Mario and Nicole Curcio
Those were the good old days, I miss them
You should have come to the concert last night, they were wonderful
My ride is in the parking lot, but I don’t want to leave